Blogging on setting up a blog

Well my blog is up and running at last. I expect there will be a few more tweaks over the next few days as I continue to experiment with layouts etc.

Burning the feed

Here’s another test post to see if Feedburner is set up properly. I know this will look funny as a Facebook status!

Internet Evangelism Resources

Internet Evangelism Day A resource for churches, Bible Colleges, groups and individuals because … … over 1 billion people use the Web … the Internet is changing the world … God is using the Web to transform lives … “We’d love to use the Web for...

The Surrendered Life of a Christian

The Bible tells us that as Christians we can know and live a full and abundant life here and now (John 10:10). The way we enter into this abundant life is first of all to put our faith in Jesus Christ for our salvation. A few days ago, I was meditating on what it...

Twitterfeed setup

Just set up twitterfeed for my blog. As the feed is based on publication date. I’ve created this post to test everything out.