A technology post for a change.

Two very strange things happened yesterday, my iPhone (original 1st generation 2G model) froze entirely and I had to restore to factory settings and then restore its contents from a backup. Off course, with this being Apple, it was a relatively painless experience.

This morning I tried to wake up my MacBook Pro from standby only to find a blank screen. No matter what I did it would not wake up from standby. I had to shut it down using the power button.

It seems there was a kernel panic caused by Safari 4. At one point I had completely switched from using Safari to Firefox as the performance of Safari had been almost unusable. The public beta of Safari 4 worked incredibly well for me and I had switched back to Safari. A quick look at some of the discussion forums and others seem to be experiencing problems with Safari 4. I hope Apple release an update soon or I might just have to switch back to Firefox!

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