At Crawley Community Church, last Sunday, we had the privilege of hearing Terry Virgo preach on Elijah and prayer from 1 Kings 18:41-46.

Terry made a number of points that can help make our prayers more effective:

  1. Elijah prayed in private place. Jesus often went off to a desolate place to pray. Andrew Murray in his books on prayer speaks of having an “inner chamber“ to withdraw into to pray. Have a specific place to pray.
  2. Elijah prayed into the promises of God. God’s promises are revealed in His word – The Bible. Our prayers should have scripture at their core.
  3. Elijah prayed fervently. Sometimes prayer is difficult, we can pray ourselves into prayer.
  4. Elijah persevered in prayer. Like the widow and the unjust judge in Jesus’ parable we are to persist in prayer – keep on asking.

Adrian Warnock, a fellow NewFrontiers blogger, has posted a video of Terry Virgo preaching this sermon at his [Terry’s] home church Church of Christ The King in Brighton. Click here for the link to the video.

It is well worth watching and I hope it encourages you to a more effective prayer life.

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