Following on from yesterday’s post on some resources for Lent, I thought I would give you an idea of what I am doing during Lent.

Lent is meant to help us remember and focus on the events of Holy Week and the celebration of the resurrection on Easter Sunday. There are a number of different aspects to that preparation. “Giving something up” or self-denial can be part of that preparation but it is the bit that we most often focus on. We can give up chocolate or alcohol for Lent, we can refrain from doing things we enjoy like going to the cinema, playing video games or even give up using Facebook or Twitter during Lent. For me Lent is not so much about giving things up but doing extra things to help me focus on God.

This year the church, I am part of Hope Church Newham are using a prayer guide to pray together during Lent. For each day during Lent we are praying on a different theme: Sunday we pray for our gathering that day, Monday for our family and friends, Tuesday for those in authority, Wednesday for God’s work in our communities, Thursday for the world and the persecuted Church, Friday for events during 2012 (lots of important events happening in 2012 in the life of our church, locally and nationally), and Saturday for revival / renewal in the Church.

In addition to following Hope Church’s prayer guide, I am going to be participating in the big read 12, reading through Tom Wright’s “Lent for Everyone” which this year looks at the gospel of Mark. I hope to share some of this journey here on my blog during Lent.

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