This is the second part in the series on the spiritual disciplines. Part 1 was a general introduction to the series. Part 2 focusses on the spiritual discipline of meditation.

To some meditation conjures up images of sitting in the lotus position uttering a mantra such as “Om.” Meditation is biblical. It has been practised by Christians throughout the ages and is of benefit to us today.

The Psalms contain a number of verses that speak of meditation. The Psalms encourage us to meditate on God’s statutes, His precepts, the Law, on God’s promise [Jesus], and all that God has done. The Psalms tell us that meditation is an activity of the heart rather than something we say out loud.

Psalms 145:5 is incredibly helpful when thinking of what we should meditate on:

On the glorious splendour of your majesty,
and on your wondrous works, I will meditate.
Psalms 145:5 (ESV)

We should meditate on who God is – the splendour of His majesty and on what He has done for us through Jesus Christ.

Throughout history, men and women of faith have discovered the delights of meditating on the word of God. Jonathan Edwards, the great preacher and evangelist of the Great Awakening in 18th century America, used to spend hours meditating on the beauty of God’s holiness.

He that sees the beauty of holiness, or true moral good, sees the greatest and most important thing in the world.
Jonathan Edwards.

What are the benefits of meditation today? A few weeks ago, our cell group [small group] at church started to select a topic to meditate on each week. This has been beneficial to lots of people in our cell. We have had some really focussed worship times together based on that week’s theme. Themes we have meditated on include: eternity, victory, mercy, justice, compassion and “one another.”

The spiritual discipline of meditation can help shape our understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done for us. It creates a space in which we can spend time seeking Him beholding His majestic glory!

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