Following on from Steve Tibbert’s opening session on “The Supremacy of Christ,” Dave Stroud spoke on “The Message of Jesus” from Mark chapter 1 and Acts chapter 1.

The main emphasis of Dave’s session was that Jesus came to inaugurate the Kingdom of God in the here and now. Jesus’ message then and our message now as churches and individuals should be the good news of the King and His Kingdom.

Dave passionately described how the Kingdom of God is to impact the spiritual (salvation), physical (healing), mental and emotional (deliverance from oppression), and social needs in our lives.

Dave spoke of three instructions or commandments that Jesus gave concerning the kingdom.

1. We are to seek the kingdom (Matthew 6:33)

2. Pray for the kingdom.

3. Receive the kingdom.

Again excellent teaching and worship this morning.

Location:Bognor Regis,United Kingdom

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