Dave Devenish unpacked the parable of the great banquet from Luke 14 so well in his session on Saturday evening it is worthy of a second post to try to capture some more of what Dave said.

Here are some more of my notes from Dave’s session:

“meals in the Bible are important as pictures of God’s kingdom.”

“70% [of people] learn from stories rather than lists of concepts.”

“The Bible is an Eastern book and we need to understand it in the context of that culture.”

I won’t attempt to capture the way Dave unpacked things through stories here. At best I’ll end up with a list summarising the stories Dave told. Here is the list of points he made towards the end of the message:

1. The Kingdom of God is not a burden but a banquet. We enter through tribulation but when we get there it is a feast. We live in the light of a future kingdom – the kingdom that is here and the kingdom that is to come. Dave also made a sub-point about how we can honour people more by visiting their homes (even if we do not have an appointment!).

2. There is no valid excuse for not getting involved in the Kingdom of God- the excuses in the parable are not valid, increase in silliness and are more and more of an insult to the host.

3. How far do our churches honour the poor, the weak and the disadvantaged.

4. Do we practice the upside down Kingdom of God? – James 2:1-4

5. It is an unbelivable honour to serve not an obligation.

6. We need to turn anger into grace.

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